If you have a form or whatever where you need to call a uri you can do it dynamically with the action Methode.
 lets imagine we have a form and we need the action of the form to go to a certain uri we could add the url to the root like this:

action=”/donor/{{ auth()->guard(‘donor’)->id() }}/profile/changePassword”

in this case the uri is simple to donor/ {{ the autheticated donor with the id }}and then profile/changePassowrd. But that would be static and if something changes this root would not work anymore so what we are doing is:

{{ action(‘Donors\DonorController@updatePassword’, [auth()->guard(‘donor’)->id() ]) }}

so this get’s us the same result, but if something changes we are still good.

<form class=”form-horizontal” action=”{{ action(‘Donors\DonorController@updatePassword’, [auth()->guard(‘donor’)->id() ]) }}” method=”POST” role=”form”>