Website FUQ

How many pages do you plan to have on your website,

For example: The homepage is a required page, then you might want a contact page, an about us page, a services page, end so on..

Based on your company values we determine how your website should look like, what is important for your industry to have and what is bad or even forbidden to show. Color is very important, color shows different moods and values, so we use your values that you have in mind to show these to the client in shapes and color.

Frequently asked questions for SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is used to rank or optimize the rank of your website on search engines such as Google, bing, yahoo, and others.

The number of keywords to be optimized means, the number of sentence fragments, questions, or even single words should be optimized on your website.

For example if you are a shoe retailer and when people search for shoes on search engine your website will be shown at a higher rank then your competitors .

On-page optimization means that your website will be optimized to be SEO friendly so search engines will consider your website valuable in the “eyes” of the search engine.

So for example, code optimization, title tags on your website, how your website is build, what language is it, etc.,

Pre-optimization web analysis means that we will analyze your page to determinate what is really necessary to optimize, add these to a professional report. With this report you are able to see what is being optimized and how much.

The keyword research is necessary to know what kind of keywords are important or more valuable to your in your industry or company.

The baseline ranking report is used to determine, where you rank before you start working with us, and while the SEO process is ongoing. Also an extra report will be given when we ended optimizing the SEO of your website.

This analyses you direct competitors up to 3 competitors will be analyzed and determinate why are they ranking better then you and how can we improve your rank to be higher then theirs.

The title tags are used in titles for example h1 tags are the big titles see example down below. then you also have the medium big titles see example below which are the h3 tags. for SEO this it’s important to have these and also placed well and with high relevance.

the big titles

Medium big titles

Meta tags are shown on google searches thous are important for users to know what site they are accessing. See example below.

meta tag

Alt tags, are used on images, your images should also be relevant and have a meaning on your website, what they really are and what they stand for, is written on the alt tags.

Hyperlinks are links that if clicked you get to another website, thous are important and tell the users where they are going.

Sitemaps tell what kind of pages a website have, there a re two kind of sitemaps the ones the search engine reads and the one for users. It’s important to have them both.

robots is a single file that allows the robots or the search engines to access your website. The robots file also is used to block the search engines to access some kind of sites that you don’t want people to see.

An image sitemap defines the images on your website like a normal page sitemap the image sitemap, let’s the search engine determinate the images on your website.

As much links in your website and especially on the homepage that goes to other pages as better. Your website should have links that are relevant and send the visitors to more information about services or anything else related to the company or website.

Optimizing the content for more relevance can affect the rank of the website in many aspects, having a professional written content is more valuable.

Submitting your website to the most used search engines is a priority and should be done as soon as possible. We will handle everything that your website appears as soon as possible on google and co.

Google analytics will tell you how many visitors you have on your website with all important information on where they come from or what page they visit most. We will setup everything for you.

If your website doesn’t have a blog, we will handle it and make one for you. so you can use and post articles related to your services.

If you already have a blog, but you need more articles. We are more then happy to help, just let us know how many you need.

some pages are dynamic and the content provided there are not always the same. We will make sure that thous are search engine friendly.

If your content on your website is not search engine friendly we will help you to optimize the content.

Facebook and co. are impotent these days to have for a company linking thous with the website so they actually make sense is also important. We will make sure they are integrated correctly and are used right.

The Favicon, most or maybe all browsers now a days have tabs, on thous tabs is an icon that represents the website thous are called Favicons. Having one is important to identify your website.

URLs (ex. have usually a name of the page after the “/” but in some cases it’s a line of code or a number that represents the page. We will make sure that they are SEO friendly as much as possible.

webmaster tools can help you administrate your site, we will make sure they are up and running.

we can help you fix issues or even make your website responsive so people are able to access thous throw the phone or tablet.

Most people access website throw the phone because it’s sometimes faster and on the go.  We will make sure that your website is optimized for it.